Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Note to self May-12 a

note this
is it a- what?

I have been feeling off key the last month or so, and it probably doesn't help I stay up late catching up with recorded programs, a Lot.

This week- feeling like my legs may give way if I don't concentrate, like a weakness in the knees?  Concentrate sounds weird, but I am trying to notice more than usual, any unusualness in everyday activities. Is it symptoms of MS?

And my right foot is Slapping the pavement. I know I hurt myself at Easter by a short run without a warm-up. And possibly a few years ago when trying not to drop a very large heavy netting [fruit] box on my foot in the winery. But different boots...

The back is better, the neck- not too uncomfortable to sleep with. Does the osteopath help?

The bee sting like feelings in the knuckles not so intense, but still cracking them a lot to relieve the feeling, which may return or not with in the hour once or twice more.

Or is it just old age.

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