Diagnosed early 2012 with slight mild case of MS after a weird year of aches and things.

Widowed exRigPigGeo 50yr old dad of 4 teens; who, after ten years, is still getting the job done (raising kids) alone after losing my wife in a car accident

Misses a lot of things. Tarn. Never realised what I had, and now gone.

Family (close and extended) and Friends are important.

Likes gadgets, speed-sailing, reading (SF), geology, archeology, maps.  Burnt out one expensive espresso machine, but cannot have more than 2 espressos per day, but instant goes down like water, explain that! 800gm Moccona in pantry at all times.

Raising four children has been a great experience. In the last ten years I have had help at times, and the kids are all the better for having those people in our lives.

I love reading- any time- any place. I was a Biggles fan in primary school, I used to read under the desk and was always called to attention.
The local library was visited nearly everyday while in high school for SF and rock-n-roll bios thru the 70s.
SF remained a passion, since 1979 been subscribed to three magazines. [ Analog, Asimov, F&SF]

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