Friday, May 11, 2012


Not Hygenic

I like to make dinner, and early. Especially if the descendents have to go out.

Late yesterday afternoon, I spent some time making a quiche.

Once cooked, removed it from the oven with a cloth.

Repeat, A Cloth.

So burnt myself and dropped the lot, on the floor, where a cat had been waiting impatiently for scraps about 20 minutes beforehand.

Binned. Shrug. Have to.

A descendent removed retrieved some frozen party pastries, and why not, the oven was still hot.

I put them on a tray.

I came back to see if they were cooked.

I had not put them in the oven, and descendent was to be at band hall soonish as well...

So there was no band hall practice- the sore foot was just the final excuse not to venture on the road.

Was it due to MS somehow? A clumsiness inherent in the dis-order?


Maybe this should be filed here instead, like, bad luck to be born a duck, or filed here under overcooked, over worked and underpaid?

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