Change the med?

Go onto new med?

present one has not been too bad holding things back, but the neuro at the last consult reckons with a leg getting gimpier, maybe stronger med would be better.

With the Corvid19 situation, not a great Idea, lower immune response not the way to go.

No eye fire as described last blog, just the same really, although the right limbs are not the same as the left limbs- that is noticeabler now, and finding a creack in the path is getting easier to trip over too, aha bugger.


latest episode not going blind but way too weird

last episode of the ms

first week december 2019

working after 5pm on the desktop
could not quite focus at the say small end of the hour arn of a clock at position 8, like the last word as reading was what? what? refocus to the left, there is the word, uh ha.

what, blinking.

check again, alternate eyes


like a small unfocused spot all of a sudden to the left of the word been focused on.

both eyes?

sort of.

wow, getting bigger, like a stain or a little wildfire.

definitely not able to read to the left of the focus spot- "corner of the eye" was I going blind?

I know that there is a "blind spot" where the visual nerve buldles leave the eyeball- a small area of nothing that you just do not notice.

this was not, it was getting bigger- and after hours to call anyone and panic them too.

whan I say stain, maybe like when paper is burning or charring, as it spread, a small colourful sparkling boundary line tending to spread out from the new blind spot- and that area was still to the bottomish left of the visual scope- but not to one eye- like in a a region of the brain where the signal went and was processed and fed to "me"- my mind's screen if you like. and spreading to say the most of the left field of view.
in my head.

there was still a signal- light was noticed just not focused- blurred like in that area with the little sparkly line advancing- expanding, like a grass fire across a field. or bacteria expanding across a plate on the agar.

then- the effect was gone.
panic over?
no lasting effect like the original scary blindness in 2012.

what the hell

ever noticed what happens when with eyes closed, and pressing gently on the eyeball there is a sensation of "light" opposite in the field of blank or dark view from the pressure?
was not like that.

pstscript (?)
another way to describe it- cardboard- if it smoulders away rather than burns, then imagine a sheet with a point in the middle starting to smoulder and spread, becomes a ring of say red, like a roughly expanding circle. 
aftereffect- nothing I think- just a bloody frig


Dec 2014

dec 2014
cold weird feeling end of left foot
nil bidy twinges
last MRI, no new developments since last year
all good
and new medcine as capsules[/] rather than injections. sounds real good


this date, mid June-2014

this date, mid June-

have had slight numbness over a coin size area of pointer knuckle right hand for a few months

extreme tiredness One day- weird.

Weakness in right leg one day- sort of collapsed mid step walking down stairway to ground? interesting, once only.

Extreme weakness combined with lack of sleep resulting in walking and falling over- or was that a few drinks?

Some tingling down the legs with bending the neck, a few times a month but not for more than when it is noticed- odd- like it is not all the time!

Eyesight in left side appears to be returning to ful strength after nearly 21 months- still could not count on reading with it alone, but driving and all else- just fine. And about time too- 6 weeks recovery my thin ass.


post august '13 consult- not too bad

post august '13 consult- not too bad

Dr 'D' says of the last MRI in July, a new pea sized lesion in the brain. The post august '13 consult- not too bad after all!

Great. Well. Well. Well. Three holes in the desert... Was there a little superiority noted by self when the doc could not see how to view three CD's of MRI images at once? Yep. But she did appreciate the tip- if a program is on disk, then copy it and data files to temp folder, and use it to resuscitate a "dead" imaging file on a "faulty" CD, and then go and compare the annual file images- Voila! Well, it took a little time out of the following patients time  I reckon, but then, learning never hurt anyone... Unless a diagnoses learnt does... Argh.

Was nice to say to her that since I have been on one of the recommended treatment that there has been no significant relapses since the left eye deal last year, the week before the new consulting job.

The last few months have been relatively free of the numb and tingly symptoms too, but have noticed that there is a slight relaxation in the bladder control after urinating, the last few drops manage to spoil things, and this is rare, and after dinner too. Weird.  A fold of the willy in the jocks is a fix I think..

Which means that the post august '13 consult- not too bad result is good. It is still only a mild onset of MS.  The capoxone may be holding off symptoms- just think that a oral tablet treatment would be less stressful and worrisome when working in the desert if more work comes up- keeping it cool may be a hassle.


Latest scan- mmm

Latest scan- mmm

Not being a specialist- from the data disks that I can access of the grey crap in my noggin- I cannot tell what is going on.
I think that the pea sized bodies in there are the same.
Looking for schleria[?] on the left eye nerve myself showed me nuthin, nuthin, nuthin.

Will have to wait for next visit to see what E.Butler and co. can find.

The left eye situation varies day to day oddly enough- sometimes I can read sentences and the road looks gret as well, or, vision seems greyed over, and words hard to make out.

Different every day.

Latest scan, mmm. I cannot tell whether status quo is as last year or not. Bugger.