Saturday, April 28, 2012

Why blog the slippery Slope of MS

Why blog the slippery Slope of MS, a Motivation For This Blog

MS arriving 

I was reminded the other night that Tim Ferguson, formerly of the
DAAS,  has MS. Here he talked a bit about it, June 2010. He has some trouble with MS and uses a cane at times. But is still working on spreading comedy to the masses. Tim is not the only one I know of now besides my aunt to live with Multiple Sclerosis. Because I think I have MS, that is why blog the slippery Slope of MS is happening.

An additional motivation and inspiration is Michael J. Fox who has Parkinson's Disease and is getting on with life as best he can too.

Another is a lady with MS I know living two blocks away. She now has a powered buggy to run around and shop with/in and does not need a taxi now in fine weather. No cane down the street! My future?


When Dom the neurologist let me know I probably have it, I was not shocked- it just explained what was going on, and I had something to blame the odd clumsy moments I have been having over the years. Or do I?


I do not know what he expected me to do at that time. He being a very proper Brit I suppose, was polite and quiet, whereas I was pretty chuffed at that it was only MS, a  few little pea sized shadows of scarred tissue in my head, and not anything else. In his and Ernest's opinions anyway.

The kids are healthy/fed/clean/sheltered/clothed/washed/laundered, their schooling good. Bedrooms are a shocker but.

LIFE is rolling on almost fine at the moment apart from it not living
a) UP to my expectations or
b) OFF a lotto win.
And the bee sting feelings in the joints that my dad says is "arthritis, son". The poverty line is RIGHT THERE... Come on back oilpatch...

The few people who have been told of what I have have been a little shocked, but my obvious, self evident confidence that MS is not currently affecting me has won them over that I am okay. I think. My little family and MS news was not horrifying to them either. The larger family. Hmm. My father wants me to make notes or a MS Diary on episodes of recurring symptoms, to diarise it sort of. Well, here we go... (and that reminds me of Raising Hope TV show, ho ho ho)


Or is my self delusion of being diabolically witty and cynical blocking a self awareness of being on a down hill run into a frightfully smelly pit? So what. My will was done shortly after Tarn was lost, and the super is fixed up too. Hopefully, as it occurred to me yesterday, I will get to hold a grandchild one day. That would be nice I reckon.

Hence Why blog the slippery Slope of MS.

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