Wednesday, October 10, 2012


That's Not Quiet Right!

After I got up to make coffee this morning, after the howling fighting horde had whizzed off to school, I looked out at Tarn's jasmine bush with its white flowers tumbling over the...


It was foggy smoggy and weird. I rubbed my eyes to clear them up as I had done since I was a kid.

The Same...

Oh oh.

Yes, the right left eye had lost definition  as if some pixels could not recognise all the colours of the white flowers.

The sky and well everything was like seen through a smoked and vaselined lens.

Bloody bugger!

Looks like another MS episode.

Or macular degeneration.

Got on to the eye doc, my aunt with MS and the local doctor.

Nothing to do, looks like the neurologist needs a call and get onto the "capaxone" asap?

left eye
right eye

I tried to see what I could do to show what was wrong, and may add to it-

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