Saturday, October 13, 2012

Eyes are dim

Eyes are dim I really can see tho...

Documented today

"Hi Joan
My visual acuity is still the same in the left eye-  but can read the screen with it, not like yesterday, maybe getting better. There is a slight ache behind and up the left ryr, and it sort of hurts to rub it too. My other concern is, is it a tumor etc growing near the optic nerve?


It is weird- concerns the after image mostly.

Like when from my bed I look out at the hall wall, and move the doona half way up, there is an after image with purple pixelating speckling spots in the shade as it moves up, and a lasting darker after image when I drop the doona, while still looking at the wall of course.

It is like there is a slow down of information, and time is needed to fill out an image properly to match the right eye.

It makes it hard to read, the central focus spot is getting smaller than a few newsprint words in diameter, and that is with spectacles.

For instance staring at a line of words and I raise to the line above, it is pixelating until I  slow the rate of ye movement and it is recognisable again.

Is this too much?

Bye, I am off to work Monday

A reply was to SEE A DOCTOR
then referred to optic neuritis- which I checked and voila
Hmm- exactly!


left and right
left like an after image sort of
The dimmness is nearly spot on, colour too brown here

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