Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Ah rahighty-(thanks mconahay...) Leg update

legs and keyboards

Dear Diary...
The  last twelve months at least, or maybe longer, down at the beach where I will Continue to speedsail with the top end speedsailing boards I have finally been able to afford (cos I am getting over chop and short hops and junps- YUK!),

  •  there was a feeling that the down haul effort in rigging  a sail for windsurfing- NO- SPEEDSAILING,  was getting increasingly harder to do while rigging up for Speed Sailing on my short sailboards, and that was, that is wow, - what the...!$%#!!!!

Rigging up-bIt is the main thing before hitting the water!

Hmm. So let's have a little look..

Okay. A little more Effort needed- or in what way is my MS can be affecting me over the duration...
I know wrong sub text, it (MS) Will Not Go Away..

Alrighty- it is hard to impossible to use the right leg to down haul a 5 to 8 m2 sail properly [to FULL strength as I once knew!] now and the left leg right leg combo- still need support- action/reaction right!!?- I mean the instructions are Tension TO HERE .... and as I am a Picaso as to perfection- .... and I do as what the wind says, and I hate house painting anyway...

Ok- preparation...

Ok- so now I have/bought a downhaul crank, [FIXED that MS!] and I should be able to use arm and shoulders for the next ten years... I hope and wish!!

Think I have got around it a bit.

And NOW  the right leg is still WEAK, even going up/down stairs. Weird as, "STRAIGHT LEG to GROUND..." aint right- what am I doing?!


And I am NOW having to think which leg forward, and even more - STEPPING over an obstacle- I really have to watch where I am going so not to leave the left foot last-- It Has to be be first as I cannot quite manage to casually drag it over a sill! That is- when on a ship, there are heaps of water  tight  doors--- Step up AND now, and dog the door after you too...  Lotsa co-ordination for that more than once a day (ah, exercise?).
But if in a hurry- nah, seems ok. That is adapation.. I like that at least!
And the right leg seems to be sloppy walking- is it MS?

Anyway,carrying on as though it aint affecting the life style, fmnk my MS!

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