Sunday, November 25, 2012

Huh did not hurrt

Huh it Did Hurt later

A week into the new self shot medicine that does not hurt to do.

But it does man, a few days there is still an Ow to feel where the shot went in!

Bugger drugs! Man, a sore spot like that will take a while to get used to.

The left eye is still recovering, I can read the key board much better than a few weeks ago anyway.

White cars are still not White though.

What a bugger.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Ready squint...Oh

Set up a Injection Seminar

I saw the local GP's nurse today as far as the instructions for using [haha] Copaxone wants me to do, especially for the first use anyway.

"Like diabetes patients have to", said Lauren, who was quite supportive.

So I did my first self injection with: a squint and a n d  o  k,   p u s h   i  n  . ...


Never felt a thing!

Shultz like- "Ah feeled Nudink!"

Afterwards, there is the stinging as was fore warned about, but there you go.

BTW, the eye trouble did not wink away...

Tomorrow a new start

Prescription for a New  Start

A prescription arrived today. For Capoxene medicine.

paper attached recommends to start with some help-like a partner or doctor or nurse.

Well, a] cannot do, b] why? and so c] is at 10:45am...

It will not be traumatic... just the start of a new treatment to alleviate the next effects of my MS.

Hmm, a new Start for sure.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Decision made

Why did I have to decide?

Ernie my neuro wanted me to choose which MS medication.

Does he not know which is best? Out of six?

Hate that sort of  thing.

After reading some booklets all about the various drugs[?], the tablets looked good but the capoxone looks like the readiest and maybe works well, as my aunt thinks it is pretty good for her. A day of monitoring the tablet effects in a hospital bed put me off even if it is 50% effective.

A text message was sent to the nurse to pass on the decision to Ernie, hope that means it is in the mail?

And the greyness and macular degeneration LIKE effects in the left eye are slowly easing back thank goodness.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

lil old visit

Visit to the neuro today

Another 3 hour trip to this side of The Big Smoke to see what I can do with the last episode still dimming my sight... and only two and a bit back, Not Speeding, and was a lil dampish road-wise.

Hooray- Ernie said I can go on MS meds- capaxone looks good at 30% reducing the effect of an episode, but there is a new one that can be said to be 50% effective- Gelany

Just the side effects... could be fun trying it all out I spose, this dim sight could be frightening next time.