Wednesday, May 30, 2012

wet Toe dry boot

Yes, a Wet Toe, but fresh dry sock?

Dry boot too.

Is it me or the boot?
Maybe I need new boots?
Just a daggy dad looking for nothing bad... Just onset or mild MS?

But three pairs of footwear [bootish style] and the strange feeling of having a wet big toe or half the left foot feels like it's wet. Sometimes.

When I am sitting usually. Here at the desk like.

Wet toe dry foot. 

Or maybe while watching the teev in the Moran Armchair that is not quite right lumbar-wise;  the cat is drippingly purring all over my pot belly while I try to switch channels or reach the wineglass without upsetting her...

And sort of nearly stumbling sometimes, you know, tripping over the toe of your shoes/boots and looking back for that crack on the path or floor that you KNOW was not there anyway.

Is this what it means to have a slowly spreading build up of scarring scabular neurons in the head (where else stupid?). A numb feeling, strange feeling, or what?

Note from mid may 12 
next symp 
cold wet toe while in comfy socks and boot
strange cold? numb feeling while seated in car for a while

left ring fingre- tingling at end

on top of the 'cracking' knuckles a lot.

My dear brother is encouraging me to speak to my aunt that has had MS for about twenty years, she would be good to talk to- I do not know, we skyped once while she was overseas earlier in the year and she wanted me to go on meds straight away and the neurologist I have met about that, one consult mind, said, "Nah not yet".

Dunno. Yet. Feels too personal, even sort of avoided everyone this year at the annual cousin party in the country at Easter so not to feel 'special'.

It is not like last years episodes of when I nodded in the van and I had patches of tingly feelings down the left leg from the bum cheek. Which turned out repeatable over a few months only, thanks for asking... That's the scientist in me- has to be repeatable!

LEFT side?
Maybe related to the MS after all! Just a fake wet Toe dry boot?

PS to me- Just noting what's goin' on man, watching for symptoms?

PS2 Later on- I figured the strange feeling, which tonight seems to be spreading  to my thigh on both legs is like a menthol rub, cold type.

Friday, May 11, 2012


Not Hygenic

I like to make dinner, and early. Especially if the descendents have to go out.

Late yesterday afternoon, I spent some time making a quiche.

Once cooked, removed it from the oven with a cloth.

Repeat, A Cloth.

So burnt myself and dropped the lot, on the floor, where a cat had been waiting impatiently for scraps about 20 minutes beforehand.

Binned. Shrug. Have to.

A descendent removed retrieved some frozen party pastries, and why not, the oven was still hot.

I put them on a tray.

I came back to see if they were cooked.

I had not put them in the oven, and descendent was to be at band hall soonish as well...

So there was no band hall practice- the sore foot was just the final excuse not to venture on the road.

Was it due to MS somehow? A clumsiness inherent in the dis-order?


Maybe this should be filed here instead, like, bad luck to be born a duck, or filed here under overcooked, over worked and underpaid?

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Note to self May-12 a

note this
is it a- what?

I have been feeling off key the last month or so, and it probably doesn't help I stay up late catching up with recorded programs, a Lot.

This week- feeling like my legs may give way if I don't concentrate, like a weakness in the knees?  Concentrate sounds weird, but I am trying to notice more than usual, any unusualness in everyday activities. Is it symptoms of MS?

And my right foot is Slapping the pavement. I know I hurt myself at Easter by a short run without a warm-up. And possibly a few years ago when trying not to drop a very large heavy netting [fruit] box on my foot in the winery. But different boots...

The back is better, the neck- not too uncomfortable to sleep with. Does the osteopath help?

The bee sting like feelings in the knuckles not so intense, but still cracking them a lot to relieve the feeling, which may return or not with in the hour once or twice more.

Or is it just old age.